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Fixed App Submit

Written by Admin
Hello,you can now submit apps again. Sorry for the problem.Stay tuned for the next big read more >

GetApk Market updated

Written by Admin
Howdy Folks,We just released GetApk Market 1.6.6 which fixes a bug for older android devices which caused Crashes.Thanks to Getapk User Jose Rodriguez we could find the problem.Please remember to alsw... read more >

Getapk Market updated

Written by Admin
Hi guys,we just released Getapk Market 1.6 which contains the latest feature of our website: Link Status checks.From now on you will have realtime online checks so you don't have to worry about runnin... read more >

Link Status Checker

Written by Admin
We ve just added a LinkChecker to our homepage. Now you wont have to waste any more time with dead links. Enjoy! read more >

GetapkMarket suits up

Written by Admin
The next update is ready for you! In 1.5 we add categories and give you guys the possibility to use the default drowser to download an app (if our internal browser fails). We also fixed some tin... read more >
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