German Verbs Pro: conjugation translation grammar

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Browse over 23,000 German regular and irregular verbs. Get all tenses and translations for these verbs.

Advantages of pro version:
• No ads and limitations
• Complete vocabulary for Zertifikat B1 offline available
• Group verbs and store for offline access in up to 9 categories
• No limitations for favorites (favorites are offline available too)
• No limitations for historie (recent verbs are offline available too)

• Search for 23,887 German verb forms
• Translations for multiple languages
• Show verb forms in all tenses and moods
• Highlight verb steem and endings
• Group verbs into own categories
• Speech output of verb forms
• Landscape mode with split screen
• Searchable for forms and translations
• Highlighting grammatical information
• Regular and irregular verbs
• Remember recently viewed verbs
• Directly show forms via share function
• Auxiliary verb, irregularities and separability
• Dark and light theme
• PDF download of the complete verb tables

Search lists:
• Infinitive: separability, reflexivity
• Basic forms: present, past, subjunctive, participle, auxiliary verb

Verb tables:
• Overview: basic forms, auxiliary verb, separability, irregularities
• Indicative: present, past, perfect, pluperfect, futur I and II
• Subjunctive: present, past, perfect, pluperfect, futur I and II
• Imperative: present
• Infinitive: present, perfect, with 'zu'
• Participle: present, perfect

Most verbs have translations in the following languages ​​(own translations via website possible):
• English (Default app language)
• Russian (optional app language)
• German (optional app language)
• Italian (optional app language)
• Spanish
• Portuguese
• Finnish
• French
• Polish
• Swedish
• Turkish
• Dutch
• Hungarian
• Japanese
• Norwegian
• Arabic
• Danish
• Czech
• Persian

This app brings all the information and benefits of to your phone.



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