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Please Read and Understand This Description Carefully Before You Buy This App !

Before buying this app, please check your android device compatibility with TrueSymphony Audio using TrueSymphony Audio Compatibility Tester app ! Follow this link below to download :

TrueSymphony Audio

We want to give highest quality sound possible from your favorite songs without having to set a lot of sound enhancement settings. For that reason we created TrueSymphony Audio, that currently only available on TrueSymphony Music Player Premium. TrueSymphony Audio is an audio processing effects that we thoroughly tuned and tested using our selection of audio equipment.

Currently there are two modes of TrueSymphony Audio :

1. S.Mode Clarity

This mode will enhance the soundstage of the song that currently being played. You will hear the instrumental sounds more clearly and a more centered position vocal. Separation between left and right channels will also get improved.

2. S.Mode Bass

The low end frequencies will get boosted, while keep it under distortion level. Which means the soundstage will still not being left behind and bass will not be so overwhelmed.

User Interface

Built with ease of use and high quality sound output in mind, navigating between player and music library is very easy. Just swipe down the main player to reveal music library, swipe left and right to choose between tabs at the music library, and swipe the player back up again to reveal the main player.

Choose available songs by its artist names, album names, track names, or from available playlists via each corresponding tab, even by searching it on the "Search" tab. All the chosen songs will be automatically on "Now Playing" tab.You can move each song`s play order in "Now Playing" tab by drag and drop it or you can remove it by just swipe it to the left. You can also save it as a playlist from "Now Playing" tab.

Supported Codecs

Supports FLAC, MP3, AAC, OGG and more. For complete list of supported audio formats and codecs, please follow this link below and read section “Audio Support” :

Main Features

- High quality sound output via TrueSymphony Audio Effects (With S.Mode Clarity and S.Mode Bass).

- Easy to use and intuitive User Interface.

- Modern looking main player interface with audio visualizer and blurry background from album cover art (if available).

- Wide variety of supported audio codecs, including FLAC format (Read “Supported Codecs” section).

Important Notes :

1. If you are not satisfied with this app after you buy it via Google Play Store, you can request a refund for a limited time*.

2. We are highly recommend you to turn off any audio enhancements settings (such as equalizer, loudness etc.) other than TrueSymphony Audio. So it will not interferes with TrueSymphony Audio and just let TrueSymphony Audio do its own processing for the best music listening experience as we intended to give.

3. For the best experience, use this app only with high quality audio file (high quality stereo recording in lossless format such as FLAC is preferable) paired with high quality earphone or headphone that compatible with your android device.

4. Number of equalizer bands supported are device-dependent.

5. TrueSymphony Audio is not tuned and meant to be used with speaker. Only use it with earphone, headphone or headset (wired is preferable).

6. This TrueSymphony Music Player Premium app does not come bundled with any songs, therefore all artist, album, song names and album cover arts you see on the screenshots above are all just made-up (fiction) and only used for this app promotional purpose only. Any resemblance to actual artist, album, song names and album cover arts, is purely coincidental.

*Refers to Google Play Refund Policies.



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Version 1.5.1
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