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Ziptrix is a new and funny version of the classic game Tetris. It has an easy control, incredible smooth movements and an increasing difficulty.

Main attractions of the game:

Classic games test the coordination between eye and hand, between mind and body. Ziptrix recovers that spirit, making the playability and the fight to obtain a good score, two of the main highlights of the game.


The aim of the game is, of course, to clear the levels and get the highest score placing the listed parts properly and completing the lines.These can be single, double, triple and even quadruple. Every time you manage to make 4 lines at once, you obtain "Ziptrix" and you get a special bonus after completing the level.

Each level requires a certain number of lines to be completed. As you progress, the difficulty increases gradually and will appear various obstacles, like previously placed pieces, horizontal bars, blocks, etc.


The controls are pretty simple: left, right, fire to turn the piece, and down to fast fall. In a touch screen virtual buttons appear at the bottom of the screen corresponding to those controls.



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Version 1.1.9
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