Zerg Must Die! 3D (TD Game)

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Zerg must die is a 3D defense / TD game with the game mode very similar with 'Defense Grid', and the theme looks like 'StarCraft II'.
The fans of 'Defense Grid' and 'StarCraft' must not miss this.

In this game, you act as a military officer of Terran, who is appointed commander of the ninth legion,
to protect the 'planet 51' - a planet full with the mines of pure energy crystals.
But Zerg have been eyeing here, too. They will spare no effort to occupation this area.
Your mission is to protect the energy crystals on your base, they will provide energy to supply the wormhole,
and we will send reinforcements to you as soon as possible.
But now! Prepare for the battle! All Zerg must die!

1. Various future weapons include SAM, plasma weapons, satellite laser balsam, electromagnetic weapons and more.
2. 12 individually designed amazing maps, from the mysterious alien planet, to the outer space.
3. The game mode is just like the Defense Grid, there are hardly any in mobile games, just more interesting.
4. 6 specially designed towers, each one has 7 levels.
5. 3 game mode to challenge yourself.
6. 32 medals waiting for you to achieve
7. Weapons lab to enhance your weapons, make the game more and more fun.

Not only orcs, but zergs must die, too :)
TD、Defense、Zerg、Terran、StarCraft、Area 51、Planet 51、Defense Grid
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Game PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpk48FstjH8
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