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The Mutant Bugs

So you think you can smash.
Prove it by playing X-Bugs, this game takes the smashing experience to the next level, be fast and smart to kill the mutant bugs.
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/X_Bugs

The Story
One mistake in a genetic experiment was made in Dr.X laboratory may change the world as we know it, now it’s your chance to rescue your planet.

Genetically mutated bugs attack everything, they can adapt and overcome, and they are stronger, faster and possess strange abilities!

As you progress through the game, be careful as you will find new bug types to deal with and new moves to predict. Pay attention as the bugs will have new places to hide but you will have new weapons to help you through your struggle. You need to know when and how to use each weapon and you must overcome the bugs by planning a defense strategy.

Warning: Once you start playing you will never be able to stop.

Game Features
1-Enjoy 60 challenging levels in different stages with 3 Boss fights.
2-Fight for survival, play against time, the more bugs you smash the more time you gain.
3-Many powerful weapons, be careful to use the right weapon for each bug type.
4-There are more than 20 different types of bugs each with special powers.
5-Gain more points by killing bugs in bonus areas.
6-Let your children enjoy the ultimate bug smashing experience without limit just for fun.
7-Compete with other smashers, and see who got the highest score on Openfeint leader’s board.
8-Get bonus lives in Boss Fights, by collecting the golden bugs.
9-Many achievements to unlock on Openfeint.
10-Funny graphics and sounds of the bugs in beautiful environments.

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