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♥ ♥ ♥ Finally on Android - the #1 RPG in 13 countries and #2 Adventure game for iPhone and iPad. ♥ ♥ ♥ Build, play and explore MineCraft worlds. World Explorer made for MineCraft (WEMC) has been especially designed for Android, with the ability to work with your existing PC/MAC MineCraft levels.

★ Play, 'STOP THE CLOCK', load/save your *full* MineCraft worlds from PC/MAC and back.
★ The ONLY app that lets you play full Minecraft levels - size matters :)
★ Controls redesigned for Android (a multi-touch marvel).
★ Massive 3D worlds with grassy plains, beaches and tunnels. Oh, the secret tunnels!
★ “I took 3 dumps today at school just to play this game, fyi. Only one of them actually resulted in a dump.” - jchampl Touch Arcade forums.

MineCraft is a worldwide phenomena with over 3,000,000 happy miners - with World Explorer you can 'stop the game clock' and keep on building - creeper free :)

✓ NEW → Special 'STOP THE GAME CLOCK' building mode (creeper free!)
✓ NEW → Play real levels from Minecraft The PC/MAC Game
✓ NEW → Move your worlds from Android to and from PC/MAC by just plugging in your Device (also works over WIFI!)
✓ NEW → Works with Worlds created on World Explorer on iPhone/iPad.

World Explorer made for Minecraft is a product of Compu Hyper Mega Global Corporation, developed by the friendly Canadians at Robots and Pencils Inc.
Disclaimer: World Explorer made for Minecraft is not authorized or endorsed by Mojang Specifications, or even our moms.

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Best Played On:
• Samsung Galaxy S, OS 2.2 and newer
• Samsung Galaxy S (Fascinate), OS 2.1
• Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate), OS 2.1
• Samsung Galaxy Tab, OS 2.2
• Samsung Galaxy S2, OS 2.3.3
• Samsung Epic 4G
• Google Nexus One, OS 2.1 and newer
• Google Nexus S, OS 2.3 and newer
• Motorola Droid, OS 2.1 and newer
• Motorola Droid X, OS 2.1 and newer
• Motorola Droid 2
• Motorola XT701 OS 2.1
• Motorola Xoom OS 3.0
• Motorola Defy
• HTC EVO 4G, OS 2.1 and newer
• HTC Droid Incredible, OS 2.1 and newer
• HTC Desire HD, OS 2.2 and newer
• HTC Desire Z (T-Mobile G2), OS 2.2 and newer
• HTC Desire, OS 2.1 and newer
• HTC Inspire 4G OS 2.2
• HTC Vision, OS 2.2
• SE X10, OS 2.1 and newer
• SE Xperia Play, OS 2.3
• LG Optimus 2X (T-mobile G2x), OS 2.2
• Viewsonic gTablet
• Archos 70 Internet Tablet
• Archos 43 Internet Tablet
• Archos 32 Internet Tablet
• Archos 101 Internet Tablet
• Nook Color

★ “Hey guys, you did an AMAZING job with this app. I love it. I think it runs close to perfect" - S. Plante
★ “I love being able to build with creepers getting all up in my business. Or my socks. Thanks for this app!" C. Gross



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