Winds of Destiny - DOTM

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Greetings fellow gamers! My name is Chad Wilson, and this is my game.

Today, I am proud to present to you Winds of Destiny - Duels of the Magi. This game is a retro head to head arcade style strategy game that combines many different mechanics in a fun and challenging new way that is accessible to all ages. Taking elements from fighting games, trading card games, and RPG's, With its easy to learn/difficult to master gameplay style, Winds of Destiny serves as a perfect coffee break game that you can play head to head against your friends.

Free Features:
1 Player Story Mode
1 Player Single Battle (Boss Mode)
1 Player Stats
3 Characters Unlocked

Paid Features:
1 Player Story Mode
1 Player Survival Mode
1 Player Stats
2 Player One Screen Mode (Classic and Turbo)
8 Characters Unlocked
Unlockable 9th character, Custos
Free Access to future expansion!



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