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Do you want to grow weed and a business too? Well now you can create a marijuana business empire with Weed Tycoon! Will you become a Tycoon or go bankrupt?

Purchase shops and then set the prices for your strains where you can make the most profits. Buy farms to grow your own weed. Upgrade your farms to grow better strains that sell for more money in your shops. Purchase warehouses to store your weed, send weed to your other facilities, or export your weed in bulk. Buy factories to produce packaged joints to make more profits from your weed. Can you become a Tycoon or will you go bankrupt?

Weed Tycoon is currently in its late Beta phase. It is now open to the public to test and suggest features you want to see. Currently Weed Tycoon is undergoing work to decrease load times and add more content.

Coming soon to Weed Tycoon:
*Decreased load times
*3x the map size/ multiple maps
*More options to sell, grow, and distribute weed

Do you have suggestions, bugs, concerns, or comments? Please send them to [email protected]. We love to hear from you and every purchase of this game goes back into furthering the development into an even bigger and better game!

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