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Weather Mapper Pro allows you to easily and accurately manage your weather information in a real time map or list. Whether you are planning a trip, keeping track of your favorite places, or simply bored, this application will not disappoint! Weather Mapper provides all the information you need such as conditions, temperature, humidity, wind speed / bearing, and even concise summaries.

It all starts in a real-time map where you can click anywhere to get weather information. You can also view your results in a list and get a more detailed reading. And it's all wrapped up in a clean, easy to read user interface. Weather Mapper also automatically refreshes outdated information as you use the map, although there is a manual refresh.

Weather Mapper also caches results and recycles bitmaps efficiently, making it one of the most lightweight and fast android weather maps. Tired of real-time android weather apps that lag? Give us a try!

* Comes preloaded with 45,000 cities so you can search automatically and offline, no need to waste data.

- Real-time map
- Summary of weather conditions
- Detailed weather conditions
- 7 day forecast
- Manual refresh
- Caching and multi-threading for speed
- Change between US units and SI units
- Manage up to 25 locations

**This application is the paid version of Weather Mapper. It does not offer any ads and has 25 maximum locations, instead of 10**

Want to see any other feature added? Send me an email!



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Version 1.0
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