Watchtower : The Last Stand

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❖ Synopsis ❖
Since the Gate of Another World has opened, the world has been ruined because of the endless battle against the monsters and the humans have been driven to the edges of the world to live in fear.
You have been appointed to protect the final defense line and stop the monsters for the humankind.

Watch Tower is a unique game that combines FPS and defense.
Use various guns and explosives, from rifles and rocket launchers, and the support of blockbusters to fight the monsters.
When the enemies are powerful, install booby traps or T.N.T to finish the stage easier.

❖ Features ❖

▷ Booby Traps and T.N.T
- Anticipate the route of your enemies to bury booby traps and T.N.T.
- The booby traps are particularly useful for stopping the enemies that run toward you.
- T.N.T can give significant damages.

▷ Reloading and Changing Weapons
- When you are out of ammos, you must reload your guns. Reloading and changing your weapons at the right time are important for winning the battle.

▷ Headshots and Combos
- Aim at the enemies’ heads for the powerful headshot damage.
You can earn more rewards if you achieve more headshots and combos.

▷ Explosive and Blockbusters
- Call for the support of explosives and blockbusters if you are outnumbered.

▷ Nighttime Battle
- At night, you can’t see your enemies in the darkness, but you can use illuminating shells to light up for a while.
- Sniper rifles are particularly useful at night because they have infrared scopes.

▷ Survival Mode
- Clear up to hard difficulty to unlock Survival Mode.
Test your limits in Survival Mode unlimited ammos and unlimited enemies.



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