Volume Control

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Is your hardware volume key is broken ?
Or want to extend physical volume key's life ?
Then this small handy and safe app will let you own this opportunity.
No matter your phone has an real hardware key to control volume or not .
this app will let you control volume of your phone in the same manner you do with volume button.
No need to press button every time when you have to change volume just make a gentle touch on this app's Icon and it will act as an real button.

* Small in size
* Change Ringer Profile directly from notification panel
* Change Volume Directly from notification panel
* No any special permission required to use this app
* Reliable every time
* Fast response
* No ads
* No spy
* Not even use your Internet



Download cracked APK of Volume Control ( com.missingsemicollon.apps.volumecontrol )

Version 3.0
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