Vexillum (Nova Apex Go Theme)

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One of the biggest theme pack, with most number of icons - Vexillum. Hardly any icon will be left un-themed. Works on Jelly Bean too.

* ~2000 icons and growing.
* Works with Nova, Apex, Go, ADW, Action, holo and other launchers.
* Works on Jelly Bean devices too.
* Wallpaper included.
* If you want to request any icon which is not present in the pack, mail me.

To apply the theme -

  • Apex, Nova, ADW, Action Launcher - Launch the theme app, tap "Apply theme" and tap your launcher icon.
  • Go LauncherEX - On the home screen, press MENU > Themes > Installed.
  • Holo Launcher: Holo Settings > Appearance Settings > Icon Pack.

Choose the theme from the list and apply it.

To individually change any app's icon -

  • Nova: Long press that app icon > Edit > tap the icon > Select from the several options you get. When icon is selected, tap the checkmark at the top left of the Edit Shortcut box.
  • Apex / Holo: Long press that app icon > Edit > tap the icon > Icon Pack. Select the theme from the list and from there, you can select any icon. Then tap ok.
  • ADW Launcher: Double tap that app icon > Edit > tap the icon > "ADWTheme IconPacks" > tap the theme name > Select any of the icon. Tap ok.
  • Go LauncherEX: Long press that app icon > Replace > Select theme from the top left corner dropdown > Select any of the icon. Tap ok.

See the instructions in the video below.

== FIX for Jelly Bean devices ==
If the theme is not working for you somehow, do the following -
* Launch Titanium Backup and scroll down the list of installed apps.
* Tap the downloaded theme app and tap backup. DON'T uninstall anything.
* Tap the theme name again and restore the same backup that you had just created.

Now the theme will work. If it doesn't or if you are on a non-rooted device, send me a mail and I'll send you another fix that'll work. 100% guarantee. Else I'll issue you a full refund even after 15 minutes.

== CREDIT ==
The original miui mtz package made by PhysX from XDA-developers. A few new icons made by me using his PSD. Permission taken from PhysX for this play store version.




Download cracked APK of Vexillum (Nova Apex Go Theme) ( vic.icons.vexdonate )

Version 3.3
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