UX 4.0 G4 for Zooper Widget

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Zooper Theme G4 UX 4.0 is a collection of highly customizable skin templates for Zooper Widget Pro. This theme works with the stock launcher app and most third-party Home Screen replacement apps.
Theme Features
• 39 varying styled widgets(including G4 Smart Notice, Smart Weather widgets and Quick Circle widgets);
• 19 Weather Icon Sets;
• Smart Dynamic Weather widget - It can automatically change the widget background according to the current weather conditions, where each is available in two flavors; one for the day and one for night;
• Time format 12h/24h will be automatically set based on your devices settings;
• Scalable icon fonts which are vector and resolution independent. You can easily adjust icon style, such as color, size, shadows and more to suit your needs.
1. UX 4.0 G4 Zooper Theme isn't a standalone widget, make sure you have Zooper Widget Pro installed before applying this theme. Please note that free version of Zooper Widget doesn't allow you to install third-party skins.
2. Launch UX 4.0 from your app drawer to install the Custom Fonts and Bitmaps.
Zooper Widget Pro can be found at Play Store. All credit goes to MyColorScreen for their great widget app.



Download cracked APK of UX 4.0 G4 for Zooper Widget ( com.na.zwskin.ux4theme )


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