Undead Pharaoh Skull Wallpaper

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Live Wallpaper featuring an Undead Egyptian Pharaoh skull with 9 color themes, animated features, falling "Matrix" style rain hieroglyphics, scrolling tile designs and interactive touch effects. The pharaoh's eyes and circuitry light as you touch the screen.

This FULL version includes:
- 9 Color Themes: Royal Blue, Red, Green, Cyan, Monochrome, Pink, Purple, Amber, Steel City (Black + Gold!)
- Control the color, amount and speed of the falling hieroglyphics
- Control the background scroller speeds and direction, and touch effects
- Control color of the eyes and toggle animation settings
- Optional Gestures: double tap to cycle backgrounds, to change eye colors, and/or to change hieroglyphic rain colors
- CPU/Battery saving setting
- Also works well on tablet devices. Implemented with OpenGL.

For fans of ancient Egypt, science fiction, horror, technology, hieroglyphics, tombs, skulls, the Matrix, and our other biomechanical, steampunk, droid and skull wallpapers.

None of our wallpapers require any permissions.

Another collaboration featuring the artwork of artist Cat Spencer.

Please contact us with feedback or if you encounter any issues.



Download cracked APK of Undead Pharaoh Skull Wallpaper ( com.ratana.jazzcat.undeadpharaoh )

Version 1.0.5
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