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Haven't you always thought how cool it would be if you could go back in time and change things? Well, Spare the real life, at least in this platformer you could :-D !!

Twort is a tiny toy with a special ability to rewind time. He flies across hilly fields, jumps out of cannons and glides through chilly winds to pass his factory's deviously challenging and puzzling tests.

Beware: twort self destructs when not flying, all thanks to a certain evil penguin's misdeed during twort's creation. Popping balloons, Tapping table fans, magnets, cannon, springs and jet-packs will not only give you that shot of endorphins but also get twort closer to his nemesis: Anguin, the evil penguin. And if you thought this wasn't enough, you can always make twort go back in time and do it again.


puzzle - arcade platformer
new features and worlds to unlock
fun game mechanics: instant rewinding and replaying.
short fun filled levels you can play over and over while commuting, taking a dump etc.
easy to begin with but becomes challenging as you progress
Did I say Free? And no ads too

Download now and set off your adventure to complete over 180 exciting tests!!!
Also includes 2 arcade game play modes.

Activate tablet mode from Settings after playing at least one level:
Main Menu Screen> Tap on left arrow button > Tap on Cogs > Tap on zoom mode.
This will show more environment and disable auto zoom in.

If you have any issues or suggestions mail me at: [email protected]



Download cracked APK of twort ( com.Paw5Games.AndroidGames.twort )

Version 1.0
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