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Holy Basket of Crap! Freelance Games has released ‘Trailer Park King: Rednecks’. That's right baby, our Xbox Live Indie Game blockbuster is now available for Android.

So your probably wondering, just who the hell is the Trailer Park King? Well, he is a gamer, a bootlegger, a photographer, and a connoisseur of the Ladies. Basically, the Trailer Park King is one ‘purty’ cultured southern dude.

Trailer Park King features a number of unique and interesting cast members. The role of the sexy Canadian Babe is being played by Celine. Celine is actually part of the Freelance Games marketing department. With just a few minor alterations and a tattoo, provided by yours truly (with some help from our artist), Celine has been transformed into a shop keeper from Montreal Canada.

In a nutshell, Trailer Park King is a fun comedy adventure, that tell a unique interactive story in an interesting, funny, and outrageous way. That’s right baby, its time to put on your mullet and brew some moonshine because we’ve got a murderer loose in the ‘Trailer Park’. The south will never be the same… chuckle…


★ Rule the ‘Trailer Park’ as the ‘King’ of the Rednecks.
★ 100% Voice Acted (you'll never have to read a single line).
★ Glimpse King’s dream home located in the Big-Mart parking lot.
★ Crazy Redneck jokes that may require an Alien dictionary at times.
★ Solve the Murder Mystery using your Redneck Detective skills (Sherlock style).

Purchase ‘Trailer Park King’ now to get a free invisible stamp that says ‘I dated the Greeter’... ;)


☆ One of the Top Selling Xbox Live Indie Games of all time.
☆ Featured twice in Official Xbox Magazine.
☆ ‘Indie Gamer Chic’ Approved.


“One of the most entertaining point-and-click adventure games to come along in recent memory.” (Truck)

One word of warning, once our warped little Redneck world, you’re in jeopardy of never leaving. That said, if you do - check out some of our other Apps:

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☆ “Redneck Tic Tac Toe”



Download cracked APK of Trailer Park King: Rednecks ( com.FreelanceGames.TrailerParkKing )


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