The Jump: Escape The City

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Can you reach the end of the road and escape the city? World Corp's mob are in hot pursuit, but some people say the broken bridge at the edge of town could hold the secret to your escape...
►‘Think Temple Run meets Wipeout’ – PocketLint◄
♦ Take the ultimate mobile action challenge!
♦ Music from Grammy Award winner DJ Poet
♦ Stunning 3D graphics
♦ Mind blowing speed
♦ Bitesize - escape in less than 5 minutes
♦ Intelligent scoring system
♦ Hand-crafted design
♦ Simple touch controls

Take control of a high-powered hover car, headed for city limits on a hunch. Test your reflexes as you tap and swipe between lanes, along a futuristic wasteland highway, at breakneck speed. Collect power cells for your epic escape as you avoid a host of deadly obstacles.

This is not another endless runner! Every game is different and an escape can be completed in less than 5 minutes if you've got the skills. The Jump features a secret climatic ending, but getting there won’t be easy…

Awesome game-changing powerups:

♦ Invincibility
♦ Magnet
♦ Resurrection
♦ Power Boost
♦ Shield

A game within a game:

♦ Intelligent scoring system
♦ National and world leaderboards
♦ Can you collect all the Achievements Badges?
♦ Share your escapes on Facebook and Twitter
♦ Reveal the mystery of The Jump with our Go Pro pack featuring tips, tricks, comic story, artwork, hidden content and more...

Device permissions required:
Storage - to store the game once installed
Phone Calls - reads phone status so game can be paused and muted if a call is received
Network communication - to transmit scoring information for leaderboards, error collection etc.
Location - uses GPS to verify your country for use on national leaderboards
Push notifications - we will occasionally send informative and promotional messages



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