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For the CM11 and CM12 and now CM13 Theme Engine
please make sure you are running the most current version available

*******NOTICE and PLEASE READ!!!!******

Please scroll down to the end of the listing as I will keep the full changelog updated there
( for current and previous versions )
If you have any issues please EMAIL me and I will do my best to help.

This theme has been in production since the original Droid 1 days, with Age of Bronzed / BronZed Punk ( on Project Elite ROM's ), evolving into Steamworks ( ICSourcery and JBSourcery ROM's ), and finally maturing into Steamworks Ultimate for everyone on any ROM using the new CM Theme Engine.

I hope you enjoy this theme and the journey I take us on with it. :-)

How to apply:
1.Go to your device Settings / Themes / Theme Packs / Steamworks Ultimate then select the options you want and hit apply
2. Reboot after it's done applying to make sure all assets properly setup
3. Enjoy!

Important!!! Uninstall and then install updates so all assets get reset.

So far 100+ apps are fully themed, and I plan on adding more / adjusting / tweaking as time progresses

Though there are a multitude of people I need to thank for their help / tips / guidance / tricks / etc.
I would probably spend all day doing that, hehe. So suffice to say I'll do it the easiest and best way.


To better enhance your viewing enjoyment of this theme
I suggest adding items from Team BlackOut apps
as my theme is a darker blend and this will serve to better flesh out pieces I may not have.



Download cracked APK of Steamworks Ultimate ( com.cyandorman.theme.steamworks_ultimate )


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