Space Truckers: Full

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In a Universe where Truckers are constantly told to Ship It,
One man looked to change the System.
What he did not know was his decisions may ship him to his grave.
When your cargo is your pride, you have no choice but to SPACE TRUCKERS!!!!!.?

Space Truckers is a brutally challenging reflex based trader where you'll combine your market know how with twitch skills to make your riches. Featuring a single tap control, stark and colourful graphics and a easy to learn, difficult to master gameplay mentality, Space Truckers will make you just want to SHIP IT!

- Traditional buy low, sell high trading mixed with twitch based reflex gameplay.
- 20 levels of Truckin' goodness and more coming really really really soon.
- Clear and Colourful graphics
- Fantastic original score soundtrack
- Explosive trade!
- Works great on Phones and Tablets!



Download cracked APK of Space Truckers: Full ( com.sitrep.SpaceTruckers )


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