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SoundBard is the perfect soundboard companion for your weekly gaming get-together. Designed for use with popular fantasy RPG games, SoundBard gives you fingertip access to over 170 unique short songs, shoutouts, and sound effects, written and recorded by music/comedy duo Paul and Storm.

The smooth and intuitive interface, designed by TinkerHouse Games, not only makes it easy to find the right sound for each game situation, but also allows you to collect all of your favorites on a special tab—perfect for DMs planning their campaigns, or players who like to have their cheers and taunts in one place. And DMs and players alike will love the illustrations by Toonhound Studios (including PVP's Scott Kurtz).

Bonus: guest sounds from geek luminaries, including Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Penny Arcade's Gabe & Tycho, Joel Hodgson, Hank Green, characters from, and many more!

- 175 short songs, shoutouts, and sound effects keyed to different RPG gaming situations
- Smooth and intuitive interface for finding and playing the sounds
- Pre-set category tabs include Character, Atmosphere, Rolls, Encounters, Combat, The Spoils, and Table Talk
- Favorites tab that you can populate with any of SoundBard's sounds, for quick and easy access



Download cracked APK of SoundBard - RPG Soundboard ( com.tinkerhousegames.soundbard )


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