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Sound/Audio not working? Want more control over audio?

MUST have the SoundAbout main app installed first.

Formerly Wired Headset Routing Fix Pro....

If you have an issue, email me at [email protected] rather than leaving a rating and comment. I cannot contact you and try to help based on the comments.

This is an APP/Key for the Wired Headset Routing Fix. You must have the main app installed first.

This APP (with a service) allows you to:

1) ALLOW or IGNORE the headphone/headset plug in/out detection.
ALLOW it so that plugging a headset in or out will automatically set your phone to use or not use the headset.
IGNORE will cancel the plug in/out event and is mostly used for those with phones that have a faulty headset jack which can cause the speaker and earpiece not to work.

2) DETECT or IGNORE that a headset has a microphone when plugged in. Only used if the headphone/headset plug in/out detection is set to ALLOW.

3) Route the media audio to (External speaker, Wired Headphones, Wired Headset (with mic), Bluetooth(A2DP), Bluetooth(mono), Aux Digital, Earpiece).
Media audio includes music, notifications, alarms, ringer.
(Bluetooth and Earpiece are enable for the Pro version only)

MUSIC and NAVIGATION can be routed to Bluetooth (mono) on most phones, but not all.
NOTIFICATIONS CANNOT be routed to Bluetooth (mono).

4) (Pro version) Route the phone call audio to (Built in Earpiece, External speaker, Wired Headphones, Wired Headset (with mic), Bluetooth (mono), Aux Digital).

5) Allow notification/alarm sounds play through the SPEAKER as well as the selected media audio setting. This setting can be unchecked so that notifications/alarms only play through the selected media setting.

6) (Pro version) Bluetooth behavior settings.
Automatically enable Bluetooth when Bluetooth output is selected.
Allow/Deny the connected Bluetooth media device to be the default output for media.
Allow/Deny the connected Bluetooth mono device to be the default output for phone calls.
Use/Ignore Bluetooth (mono) microphone when using device for media audio.
Allow/Deny using speaker for notifications(as well as current media output)

7) There is a widget to toggle the Headphones/Headset on or off.

When installed, the first time you run the app will start the background service. It will then always start on reboot.

If music stops when you unplug a headset, this app cannot prevent it. That is the music app purposely stopping so that audio doesn't not blast through the speaker.



Download cracked APK of SoundAbout Pro ( )

Version 1.0.3
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