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SmartHost Android could help you check and fetch latest hosts file to walk around network blocking by GFW in China.

- Auto check latest hosts file update.
- Select hosts entries that you just needed.
- Easily switch to your original hosts file or clean hosts file.

✭Cannot save hosts?
If you cannot save hosts,(/etc/hosts is not changed after saving), please use Root Explorer or ES Explorer to mount /system folder to read/write state.

✭About Facebook
Support Official App v1.8.3 or later.
3rd-party Client, e.g. Seesmic(

✭About Twitter
Support Apps that support SSL connection. For example Plume, Seesmic.
Currently Twitter is not able to be visited by modifying hosts file. Please consider other way to get around GFW, e.g. goAgent.

✭About Youtube
Can open web pages and App, but cannot watch video.
How to use Adfree

SmartHosts could live with other hosts modifier Apps, like Adfree Android (
1. Download and apply other Apps to modify hosts.
2. Start SmartHosts and it will detected and save your hosts file to "Original hosts" file.
3. Click "Check Update" or "Apply SmartHosts" button.
4. In "Select hosts sections" screen, make sure "Original hosts" is checked.
5. Click save and the "Original hosts" will be merged automatically.
If your hosts file size is too big, SmartHosts might crash because not enough memory. We have provided an slim version of ad free hosts ( Please download manually and paste it to "Original hosts" via built-in hosts editor.

hosts file is maintain by open source project

For any connectivity problem caused by hosts file, please report to smarthosts project.



Download cracked APK of SmartHosts ( mobi.smarthosts )


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