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-On JELLY BEAN 4.2 Check the apposit feature under basic.
-download and test LITE version, and make sure it works BEFORE buying this PRO version.
-THE APP DOESN'T LOCK YOUR PHONE, NO SECURITY! Don't download if you want security on!!!!

(Light sensor combo works great with recent smartphones like Galaxy Nexus; Light sensor combo could not work good with old smartphone, because the built in sensor is of poor quality).

If you use TIMER DELAY + LIGHT SENSOR: Timer delay will start every times the proximity sensor is covered, but it will turn off screen only when is reached the "minimum + sensitivity" of light condition you set in the settings.

- If you use Task Killers or Memory Cleaner, remember to add Smart Screen Off to exceptions!

************* USER GUIDE ***************


************ PRO FEATURES *************
At the moment the PRO version includes these features:

- Start on Boot
- Disable when in LandScape mode
- Vibrate when screen is turned OFF
- Vibrate when screen is turned ON
- Hide Icon
- Hide Notification Messages
- Enable/Disable on shake
- Don't screen on after screen Off
- Configurable light sensor combo
- Configurable Timer Delay
- Display clock when screen is turned ON
- Available in several languages
- Set ring to vibrate mode when proximity sensor is covered

Future features:
- Tell me your suggestion :) !


************ DESCRIPTION *************

Smart Screen Off PRO it's a simple and light app which uses the Proximity Sensor built in your Android smartphone to turn the screen off and on automatically.


************** REASON ****************

I decided to code this app when I bought my Galaxy Nexus: this device doesn't have any physical button on the front screen. Being a quite huge phone, it's quite difficult to press the "turn off" button every time I wanted to turn it off and on. So I needed a way to turn the screen off every time I put it into the pockets and off when removed.


************ HOW IT WORKS *************

The app itself is a toggle button, to switch it on just press the App Icon. Then every time you put the phone into your pockets the screen turns off.

If you put the smartphone upside down on the table, the screen turns automatically off.

NOTE: It doesn't lock the screen (just like in a call)


************ REQUIREMENTS *************

In order to use Smart Screen Off, you need to have a phone with Proximity Sensor and Light Sensor (nowadays every smartphone incorporate both).


Email me for any Improvement. Contact me if you have any problems and I will try to solve it as soon as possible!



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