Smart Data Watch Pro

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Smart Data Watch Pro

While All Network Companies restrict data usage , do not let your data usage go high,with Smart Data Watch Pro, you can easily,follow up , start session and check your daily data usage and total usage,log up to 100 days,Convert your data usage to money , calculate how much a MB costs you,

-Main Features
-WIDGET(Session Data Usage Monitoring)
-Check Your total usage
-Daily Usage
-Session Usage
-Daily log up 100 days
-Convert your data usage to money
-Calculate how much you pay per 1 MB.
-Add your local currency
-User Friendly Interface
-Large Screen Support (Tablets)
-Works on Samsung Galaxy Tab
-Battery Efficient (Unlike of its kinds , this application does not run a continuous background process to track your data usage )
-Widget updates are periodically,You can refresh widget by -pressing the green refresh button
-Once the app is off ,it does not run any background process
-Start Stop session daily ,weekly ,monthly
-Reset,Delete Daily Logs
-Adjust Refresh speed
-Alert option



Download cracked APK of Smart Data Watch Pro ( com.linxmap.smartdatawatchpro )


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