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Get quick access to your apps, shortcuts and quick-toggles just when you need them. Create multiple scenarios by using different trigger which will ensure that your apps are only available when needed.

Example Scenarios

Get quick access to your music apps when you plug in your headset
Get quick access to your fitness apps and favorite music playlist when nearby your workout location
Get quick access to your navigation and fuel-saving apps when connected to your in-car Bluetooth


• NEW: Chose between 2 display modes: Notification, sidebar-overlay
• NEW: Assign quick-toggles to your szenarios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Silent mode, Flashlight, Auto-rotate)
• NEW: Assign shortcuts to your szenarios (e.g. Direct call a contact or start google maps navigation to a specific location)
• NEW: Customize your shortcuts by using our new app "Aycon"
• Intuitive user interface (Material Design)
• Ad-Free
• Theme Editor: Change the notification or sidebar-overlay appearance to match your personal style (Premium-Feature)
• Icon-pack support
• Works with your existing launcher

Trigger Types

Free Trigger types:
• Headphones: When headphones are plugged in
• Wi-Fi: When connected to a specific Wi-Fi network
• Always active: Scenario is always active

Premium Trigger types:
• Bluetooth: When connected to a specific Bluetooth device
• Charging: When the device is charging
• GEO Location: When in a certain location
• Calling: When calling
• Time: On specific time / day
• Tasker: When receiving a Tasker System Intent
• Notification: When a notification of a specific app is shown

Sloth Launcher needs the following permissions to operate correctly

View Wi-Fi connections
Used by our Wi-Fi Trigger to detect Wi-Fi connection changes

view network connections
Required for Google Maps in the GEO Location Trigger to determine whether data can be downloaded

precise location (GPS and network-based)
Required for our GEO Location Trigger

acccess Bluetooth settings
Used by our Bluetooth trigger to detect when a Bluetooth device has been connected or disconnected

pair with Bluetooth devices
Required to read the list of paired Bluetooth devices during the configuration of the Bluetooth Trigger

connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
Allows us to turn on your Wi-Fi to get the list of known Wi-Fi networks during the configuration of the Wi-Fi Trigger

full network access
Required for Google Maps to download map tiles from Google Maps servers

read phone status and identity
Used by our Calling trigger to detect phone calls

run at startup
Required to start our background service after a device reboot

draw over other apps
Allows us to display our overlay on top of other apps

control vibration
Touch feedback

read, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Required for Google Maps to cache map tile data

Google Play billing service
Required for our in-app Premium upgrade

Take pictures and videos
Required for our flashlight quick-toggle

Modify system settings
Required for our orientation quick-toggle

Directly call phone numbers
Start a call with your contact from our overlay



Download cracked APK of Sloth Launcher ( com.slothlauncher )

Version 3.0
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