Skin for Poweramp Now TRSPRNT

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Transparent version of Google Now/Cards UI skin for Poweramp 2.0.9+

Skins for Poweramp don't work on most devices from Huawei running Android 6.

With this skin at player background you will see wallpaper from home screen even if it live wallpaper.
May not looks good with some kind of wallpapers, for example, too bright, too contrast or ones that has much details. Best-looking with abstract and blured wallpapers.

With 5 accent colors. Brand Google's blue, red, green, yellow and orange from Play Music app.
Pure Google Experience now for Poweramp.

In cause of you don't like blur around album cover:
Go to Poweramp settings — Album Art — Album Art Zoom and raise the multiplier until blur completely gone.

Due to margins of list items, reordering in queue doesn't work property.

After installation open skins from Play Market and apply skin.



Download cracked APK of Skin for Poweramp Now TRSPRNT ( )

Version 1.0.2
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