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We present the first part of the Second Warfare HD. The first-person shooter.
You have to become a soldier of troop rapid reaction forces, which are the elite special forces.
You can send to perform combat operations anywhere in the world.
Using different types of weapons, equipment, you can accomplish the mission.
Terrorists don't need your mercy. Don't forget about the shot in the head!
►Key features:
✔ Single game. Playing as special forces, you will take part in the fighting and the most difficult missions around the world. Only rely on yourself.
✔ Many different types of weapons - Assault Rifle, Pistol, Knife, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher.
✔ In-game, you can control military helicopter and destroy the enemy from the air!

✔ Game updates are released regularly.
✔ We love to hear your tips and suggestions.
✔ In the future the game will be "MULTIPLAYER".
✔ Buy the game today, more tomorrow!
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