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If you're like many Android users, your device's mobile SD card contains some unnecessary duplicate files that may take up a lot of space: mp3 files with different names, for example, or redundant backups made by the device's backup assistant, or many copies of android app with random names but have the same content, it's difficult to distinguish them one by one.

With Search Duplicated File, an Android utility app with fast search engine, you can locate these duplicate files and either delete them or simply discard the records. Choose to do either depending on what you prefer:

* Delete files: This operation deletes any selected file from your SD card. Be careful! Deleted files can't be recovered once they've been deleted.

* Discard records: This feature discards selected records from the result of your search. This will not delete a full file.

Each result group contains both original file and duplicate files, so pls deselect at least one file as original file and delete the others!!!!!!!!

Please send email to me before low rating.


* Specify path to search for.

* Support searching photo/audio/video or custom file.

* Support searching empty or hidden file.

* You can run other apps after you clicked "Search" button, when it finished searching, it will popup a notification on status bar. View the search results whenever you want from the status bar.

* Search results will be grouped by file length, with the number of files and group id.

* Batch select/deselect files/groups or select/deselect file/group one by one.

* Batch delete/discard files/groups or delete/discard file/group one by one.

* Batch expand/collapse groups or expand/collapse group one by one.

* View the file content before delete/discard it.

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Report bugs:

Your suggestions or translations are welcome.

If you found some issues, pls send the issues to me via email([email protected]), I will verify them and give response ASAP, thanks!


Fix a bug for mount/unmount issue. Thanks for Darrell Snedeker.

Support both internal sdcard and external sdcard. Thanks for Adam Glass and Brian Nelson.

Fix external sdcard issue. Many thanks for Ted Moyer.


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