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Discover the coolest and most famous shouts by Scooter front man H.P. Baxxter with the official Scooter shoutbox-app!
“Hyper Hyper”, “How much is the fish?”, “Dööp Dööp Dööp…” and many more – a total of 16 original shouts by H.P. Baxxter are available and can be played by clicking the buttons directly after downloading.
Loads of fun is guaranteed, no matter where, in the office, at school, in the club, at home or on the go. With this app you will have your favorite H.P. shouts with you at all times – an absolute must-have for all Scooter fans!

The app includes the following shouts:
- 1,2,3 Fire!
- Dööp dööp dööp
- Hyper hyper
- How much is the fish?
- Respect to the men in the ice cream van
- Yeeeehaaaa!
- Ihr seid ja alle wahnsinnig!
- Wicked!
- Nobody is hotter than shotter
- Dawai, dawai, dawai
- Faster harder Scooter
- Move your ass!
- Hardcore!
- Heiligeili
- Ohohoh oho!
- Ihr Schweine!



Download cracked APK of Scooter Shoutbox ( de.kontor.scooter.shoutbox )


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