Ruben is sleepy

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Ruben is Sleepy is FREE today with !

"Ruben is sleepy: an extremely addictive reaction game... with cats, lots of cats."

"A cat loving couch potato finds himself tumbling through a nightmarish void!!"

Ruben is sleepy. And when his eyes finally close, a dark pit with an endless stream of TV's awaits.

Help Ruben survive his brain freezing nightmare!

***** An extremely addictive reaction game

***** Famous cats!

***** Ruuble your own images in the tv's with.. Imgur image search !

***** Earn power-ups, like a time warping headband and electro magnetic pulse headphones

***** Mind bending 80s elektro soundtrack



Download cracked APK of Ruben is sleepy ( net.tvndra.ruben )

Version 2.2
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