[root] Stagefright Disabler

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This app changes the properties in the Android system to disable the whole stagefright system that is currently affected by serious bugs.

Attention: when you install the app, you wont be able to restore the backup (even after a re-install)

Attention: you need root privileges to make those changes - without root that app wont work.

Attention: this app modifies your build.props in the system and can render your device unstable / unusable.
Make a complete backup before using this app. You have no warranty that it will work with all different devices or warranty at all. If you dont want to risk your device - dont use the app.

The app first copies the /system/build.prop to a backupfile /system/build.prop.sfdisable and then makes changes. You need to restart the phone after that.

If something goes wrong you need manually to restore the backup file with adb.

If you have problems using the app - please write me an email.

To make it clear
The unfixed library is still present after changing the build.props so vulnerability is still there. This app here disables the usage of the library. But the library is still the old one

This tool has been tested with a Nexus 4 (5.1.1), Nexus 5 (5.1.1), LG D90 (4.4) and a Sony Mobile device (Custom Android 4.4.4)



Download cracked APK of [root] Stagefright Disabler ( devnull.stagefrightpropchanger )


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