Reverse Lookup PLUS w/ Live Caller ID

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Easily perform a reverse phone lookup of any unknown number in your call history(or entered manually) to identify businesses, bill collectors, spam, scams, telemarketers, fraud, and more.

After caller info is found, user can:

★ Block future calls from that number / send to voicemail
★ Discuss the call with other users
★ Save as a new contact
★ Dial the number
★ Map the caller's location without leaving the app
★ Expand the search to popular search engines like Google with one tap
★ And more!

Current benefits for PLUS users:
★ No ads - your one-time purchase helps to fund ongoing maintenance, improvements, and bug fixes
★ 12 exclusive color themes to choose from (30 total)
★ Caller ID mode - Live search results shown on-screen while a call is incoming(when possible). This can be enabled in settings. Caller ID pane can be dragged to desired screen location and will remember it's position for future calls.

Need Help?
If you have any trouble, please read the Notes and FAQ sections below and if they don't answer your question, please send us an email so we can help you. We read and respond to every single email we receive, usually within a few hours. Reviews doubling as support requests are difficult to follow up on properly and sometimes we may miss them altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

• There are NO fees associated with this app whatsoever.
• There is no public directory for cellphones, so we cannot get much data on them, sorry.
• This app returns *publicly available data as published by phone companies*.
• If information returned is outdated, it's because it's outdated in the phone company's directory.
• The location being returned is typically the billing address or carrier's office for that number. It is not possible to return GPS data.
• CITY ID must be disabled for this app to work correctly.. it hijacks your call log! See our site for details.



Download cracked APK of Reverse Lookup PLUS w/ Live Caller ID ( com.esmobile.reverselookupplus )

Version 3.2
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Version 3.1.25
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