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Redirect File Organizer finally offers a way to automatically organize your phone and computer files.

The concept is simple:
A redirect is a task saved to your device that tells the app how your phone and PC should be organised, by 'running' a redirect the app will organize your devices however you have decided.

Only the paid version of the app supports redirecting to your computer.

*You can:*

➜ Sync folders and files between your phone and computer.

➜ Organize your computer.

➜ Move your Video files to one folder.

➜ Move your gifs to one place.

➜ Consolidate your music.

➜ Automatically manage files from your Internal Storage.

➜ Easily backup files.

➜ Keep your work documents organised.


- Support for Android 4.0+

- Undo your organisation.

- Extremely low footprint.

- Ability to edit Redirects.

- Backup and restore your redirects.

- Temporarily disable your redirects.

- Create custom Redirects!

- Tasker Support

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Download cracked APK of Redirect File Organizer Pro ( com.tobino.redirectspaid )


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