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Raon Defenders is an advanced concept of defense game
where you have to manipulate the heroes for active participation.

Set up extractors to obtain energy and summon the Towers(Defenders)
to defend the heroes and extractors from the attacks of the enemy.

It is an age that lives on the power of resource called
‘The light of Arda’ and on admiring the sun,
the moon, and the islands that fly in the sky.

It is a story that begins when these islands that
flew in the sky fell to the ground.

Set in one of the islands that fly in the sky,
the story of fate unfolds for war hero Jan,
the elf of riddles Erdyon,
and Nigel the girl with lost memories.

- Three heroes with different characteristics

- Highly engaging scenario and animation that
develop according to each hero

- A variety of Towers(Defenders) that
can be summoned by each hero

- Enhanced strategic game process by utilizing
the natural geographical features and Towers(Defenders)
Operation of strategic game enabled through
the resource acquired from the extractors.



Download cracked APK of RaonDefenders ( com.crik.raondefenders )

Version 1.0.0
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