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Fight against evil beasts as the legendary Rama in this adventurous quest. Set up your team of warrior companions to be ready for any upcoming threats. Each of them has unique features and attributes, your team can benefit from. Run, shoot and collect coins in dozens of different stages in beautiful environments. Find new team members on your journey and increase your team’s strength for fights against monsters and end bosses.

Summon mighty warriors to join Rama and for the battle in the warrior summon area and upgrade your hero for more power. Prove yourself as a mage and strengthen single warriors through warrior fusion to slay your enemies even faster. Aim for respect and the highest score by competing with your friends.

Rama Run is a Top-down endless shooter game, where you run through different worlds with a team of warrior companions shooting and fighting against evil enemies to save the kingdom of Ramakien.
The game is inspired by the Hindu methodology, revolving around the avatar Rama.

Help Rama and his team to fight against the evil powers. Play now!


★ Fast-paced action and shooting runner

★ Unique Hero with a lot of different companions

★ Every warrior companion has different attributes and strengths

★ Fight against evil beasts, end bosses and be prepared for an action adventure

★ Upgrades and Power ups to improve your hero

★ Earn numerous rewards

★ Run through stages in beautiful worlds and environments

★ Totally free to play on your Android device

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