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From the creators of iForce and teleFoto comes the most amazing any card at any number.

The magician places a deck of cards, out of the box, face down on a table.

"On your phone, please go to this website and enter any card and any number".

The magician turns his back.
The spectator uses their device to go to the website and enters (for example) 17 and 2 of clubs.

"Don't show anyone your card or number. The website will display the odds of your card appearing at your number".

"Wouldn't it be amazing if we could make those impossible odds come TRUE?"
"Please cut the cards on the table a few times".

The spectator freely cuts the cards.
The magician turns back around, picks up the cards and spreads through the deck face up.

"Before we continue I wanna show you these are regular cards that have been thoroughly shuffled".
He gives the cards back to the spectator.

"I want you to count, face down, to the number you're thinking of".
The spectator counts 17 cards and stops.

"I guess your number is 17. This is the 17th card in the deck. For the first time, what was the card you were thinking of"?

"2 of clubs"

"Please turn over the 17th card".

To everyone's astonishment the 17th card IS THE 2 OF CLUBS!!!

RA features:

• VERY EASY to do ... perform 5 minutes after downloading
• Instant Reset
• It's really ANY card at ANY number
• The magician does not know the card or the number!
• The spectators NEVER SAY ANYTHING to the magician
• They always count from the top of the deck
• Their card is always at their number
• Uses ONE regular deck of cards
• Use your favorite stack
• They can cut the cards as often as they like before they count
• No memorization
• No math
• No card box
• No sleights
• No gimmicks
• No stooges
• Everything can be fully examined
• Perform sitting or standing, completely surrounded
• Everything is fully customizable
• The magician touches the cards only once during the trick
• And most importantly ... They use THEIR phone (device)!!

Please note - you must have an internet connection to perform RA.



Download cracked APK of RA ( com.rostamimagic.ra )


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