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Acquire fruit and aim at a high score!

- rule -
・Moved away, and scores will be added to or retrieve items.
・Stop moving when exposed to enemy fire a certain time, you can hit a player in the game over character.
・Gage also take time to recover and the remaining items (scores differ by the amount of recovered items will be added.)
・Attributes of fire and fire take the habanero will change to take the shaved ice and ice. Taking a different item attributes of fire, the first stage enters the power. Taking the same items as the attributes of fire, power will be added.
・The power of the flame rises to a maximum of three stages. First step is a small flame, the flame increases the second stage, third stage will also disappear through to hit the enemy fire.
・Jump jump button can be pressed twice in two stages.
・Gauge there is no time left, the player touches an enemy or character, the game is over and fall to the pit
・In story mode, it appeared to suit each stage of the fruit filling, and clear the stage and pick up (the last boss of the stage appeared to match the appearance of the fruit filling and defeat).
・In endless mode, you can play until the game is over, you can register a score when the game is over.

- Items -



Download cracked APK of Putidora ( jp.co.arttec.satbox.putidora )

Version 1.2.0
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