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- 260+ walls and growing.
- New walls are added whenever possible.
- Fits any device.
- High Quality walls 2K and above.
- Material dashboard with ability to save images to SD Card.
- walls are added from server side(App updates will be less).
- Muzei support
- Pushbullet channel notification for new walls added.


- Some walls may take time to load depending on the size.

- Crop will take you to a external crop agent(Launcher, Gallery, etc.,)

- If you have any issues, send a mail to [email protected] (You can also send mail from within the app)

- Home button is removed from Drawer(Not many use it once they applied there wall)

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Thanks to for providing cool vectors that are used for couple of walls.

Thanks to Travis Hall, Ankit Anad, Arik Licholat, Beard, Nick Miltner, Dei G, Matthew Fidoe, Jim G, Ricky Lauglin, NiklasRage aka Dave MFP, Jon Merritt for testing out the app and suggesting changes and improving.



Download cracked APK of Primu Walls ( sasikanth.primu.walls )

Version 2.1.1
Heisenberg Download
Version 2.1
Heisenberg Download
Heisenberg Download


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