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The Polaris Navigation System is a complete navigation package that includes a panel for all standard GPS parameters, an odometer, altimeter, speedometer, and directional compasses. Advanced navigation features included in this immense tool set include:
- A Robust waypoint management system for setting and locating your targets.
- Trail recording and viewing- Record trails and store them to a trail database. Trails can be viewed later or in real time on aerial or standard maps.
- A satellite reporting module shows the location of the GPS satellites relative to your position and graphs each satellite's signal strength.
- View waypoints, trails and your position on satellite and standard maps.
- A waypoint guidance system includes a dynamic waypoint-finding compass that will help you navigate to any saved waypoint with certainty while reporting estimated time of arrival, distance to target and other statistics.
- Select source for altitude reporting: Satellites, United States Geologic Survey or Mapquest's Altitude Service
- Turn-by-turn directions and route maps are included for navigating roads.
- Data protection System- Your data is backed up regularly meaning you will not lose your progress should your battery need replacement while en route to your destination.

**DS Software specializes in mobile navigation tools.

** Additional Screenshots at:
** http://www.gps4free.com

*** NEW ***********************
v.4.55- All numeric and time reporting formatted to your country's custom. Odometer values filtered at zero speed.
v.4.54- I. May now enter and navigate by UTM coordinates
V.4.50- I. Improved compatibility for marine navigation with addition of nautical units and coordinates
V.4-Multiple altitude sourcing- Satellites, US Geo Survey and Mapquest. Thanks to Odd Jørgen Eide, Philippines for some great user feedback and suggestions!



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Version 4.21
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