Pixi-Book “Howie Hare”

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The popular Pixi Book series as an app! Bilingual: German and English!

Winner of the MOMMY AWARD - Apps for Kids (www.netmoms.de)
Nominated for the AKEP (Best Performance in Electronic Publishing) Award!

-great fun reading and listening
-funny animations and witty sound effects
-captions can be switched on or off
-picture puzzle
-Pixi hobby tip
-Pixi app bonus: an extra soundtrack for children and adults to record their own story!

Howie Hare has been playing outside for a long time, but now it’s time to go to bed. Daddy calls him inside, but Howie’s not tired at all! How can he get sleepy? He makes faces. That doesn’t help. He jumps around on the bed. That doesn’t help either. But when Uncle Horace tells him a great story about the moon-hares that live on the moon, Howie suddenly falls asleep. Good night!



Download cracked APK of Pixi-Book “Howie Hare” ( de.appsfactory.pixi.hansihase )


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