Pixel Commander

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★ Full Version ★
This version includes everything the game offers, No adds! Have fun! :)

★ Game features ★
*Over 50 Level - With up to over 30 hours of Gameplay!
*Simply fun - It's easy to understand. If you play the tutorial but who plays the tutorial anyway? ;)
*Planning and tactical thinking - Try things out, plan ahead and sometimes be patient. Overcome the pixel stupidity!
*Challenge the AI - Each battle can be different if YOU play different!
*Assemble an army of pixel soldiers! - Each battle they fight is filled with power and cuteness!
*Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone - Tell your friends about it :P.
*Bright, colorful 2D graphics - Four pixel colors red blue green and yellow! So much color!
*Dynamic Music - Enhances your combat experience and helps thinking during your planning.
*More awesome information and pictures - http://pixelcommandergame.com/

★ Description ★
After a long day at work, you finally turn off your monitor and go home to relax. But what happens to all the pixels your monitor does no longer display? They go home as well, to watch TV, relax by the beach or kill each other in a brutal, unforgiving war. Why would they do that? Find out and lead your own army to victory in Pixel Commander!

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