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Pixel Boat Rush is a frantic pixel art arcade combat boat racing game!!

The gameplay mixes a one-touch racing mechanic with 2 weapon/defensive buttons. The progression features an in-depth career mode with RPG-like humoristic conversations with parodic characters, an endless mode and a boat crafting editor!

An easy to learn, hard to master, fun arcade racing game with loads of content!

This game is geared for a premium experience.


- Android Police : "the over-the-top atmosphere makes for a fast and interesting play style"

- SuperGameDroid: "an absolutely terrific genre bending physics game that racing and action fans alike will get a kick out of"

- Droid Gamers: "Pixel Boat Rush really packs the action into every single pixel used"

- HardcoreDroid: "if you’re a fan of Crazy Taxi-levels of ridiculousness, pixel art and going fast, Pixel Boat Rush is the game for you"

- (4.5/5) Touch Arcade "I'd strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys side-scrolling arcade games or can appreciate a different angle on the racing genre"

- (4.5/5) App Advice "perfect for anyone who enjoys boat racing and fast-paced, frenzied arcade games"

- (4/5) 148Apps ''Pixel Boat Rush's unique blend of mechanics make it an excitingly original racing game''

- (4/5) Indie Game Reviewer ''This is a iOS racing game that gets so many things right. It’s simple but complex, it’s challenging but fun, Pixel Boat Rush is a great game that I highly recommend''

- (3.5/5) Pocket Gamer ''A surprisingly sharp and clever racer, Pixel Boat Rush is well worth diving into''

- (4.5/5) TheAppleGoogle "more than enough to guarantee players hours of intense high speed action in an electrifying experience"

-(4.25/5) Reviewed on the Reviews on the Run TV Show!!


One-Touch Racing Mechanic:

Touch to accelerate, release to brake. If you release the gaz on a wave, you'll stick to it. If you keep the gaz pressed, you'll jump off the waves. Releasing the gaz while in the air will make you fall faster.

Obstacles and Power-Ups:

Although air drag slows you down, sometimes it's best to jump. It's useful for grabbing a power-up, avoiding an obstacle or a tricky set of waves.


Fighting with opponent brings a whole new dimension to the game. It not only adds action but also tactical aspects, which quickly becomes a key for victory.

Main Features:

- Career endless and arcade mode
- 15 racing tracks
- 100 racing events across 7 types of race (normal, ceasefire, eliminations, demolition, carnage, last man standing, endurance)
- 20 Licenses: series of mini-quests which unlock the next racing categories
- 50 racing boats, each with its own specific upgradable configuration: find which boat is best suited for each event!
- Over 20 types of guns
- A 3-hangars boat crafting editor
- 4 racing categories: climb the ladders and become the world champion!
- One-touch racing mechanic + 2 offensive/defensive buttons
- Power-ups: boost, ammo, shield, coins, repair
- Time trial mode against your best ghosts
- RPG-like parodic conversations with characters inspired from the popular culture
- Pixel damage: when a boat takes damage, bits of the boat fly-off
- Trophies system for replay value: finish first in all races to collect all gold trophies
- Leaderboards (based on best lap time and trophies earned) and achievements
- 3 save files
- Colourful pixel art retro graphics
- Rich original retro soundtrack



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