Photo Desk (Photo Gallery)

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** Recommendations
- This gallery application is optimized for 1280 x 720 , 1280 x 800 resolution.
- This gallery application is optimized for the Samsung S-Pen model so some functions may be restricted for a non Samsung S Pen model.

Photo Desk offers a user-friendly gallery with multi-split screen interface, via S-pen interaction.
Users will be able to edit easily whilst operating the image editing tool using the pen and finger touch simultaneously.
Enjoy the best of both worlds - photo editing and photo managing, via Photo Desk.
Now you can create your own story!

- Creating and deleting new folders and Merging folders
- Transfer photos and Media, via Drag & Drop
- Ability to optimize functions: photo enlargement, transferring, copying, sorting, slide shows, changing names, rotating, sharing, etc.
- Offers a display function of photo location information, via GPS
- Protect your folders and photos.
- Offers information of folders and photos, by hovering over icons or photos
- Short cut menu supported via hovering and side key interaction.
- Portrait and landscape support mode
- Photo (added images, text, music, voice, pen) can be stored as JPG format or Animation File.
- Function for a variety of design themes for gallery
- Function of protection, via signature.

2.[SPEN supported]
- Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note10.1, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 8.0

- Over version ICS

4.[Update History]
[Update ver 1.0.1]
- Changed portrait view on Note 5.3
- fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.0.2]
- Add supported model : Note 2
- Add Include Video function
- sort / view mode bug fixed
- MAP view bug fixed
- Fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.0.3]
- Add function to hide folder
- Add function to GPS edit
- Add function to empty image editor
- Add function to folder slide show
- Add function to folder shortcut menu
- Add function to link folder
- Add Pen gesture (rotate)
- Add pen open/close event
- Fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.0.4]
- Add animation effect to content select.
- Improve image quality
- Improve thumbnail image quality
- Improve Map View mode
- Improve performance
- Change video thumbnail image
- some bugs fixed

[Update ver 1.0.5]
- some bugs fixed

[Update ver 1.0.6]
- Add animation effect
- Change AMS play speed
- Add function to S Pen on/off
- Fixed crash issue
- Fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.0.7]
- Fixed permission issue
(Add to "READ_SMS" permission.)
- Fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.0.8]
- Add feature to Multi-Window (supported device: Galaxy Note 2 , Galaxy Note 10.1 , Galaxy S3)
- Remove "READ_SMS" permission.
- Fixed crash issue
- Fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.0.9]
- Fixed crash issue
- Fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.0.10]
- Fixed rename bugs
- Fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.1.1]
- Add to crop function
- Update S Pen 2.3 library
- Fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.1.2]
- Add to the Japanese language
- Fixed crash issue
- Fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.1.3]
- Support animated GIF file
- Fixed crash issue
- Fixed some bugs

[Update ver 1.1.4]
- Fixed crash issue
- Fixed some bugs



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