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Introducing Phoenix for Zooper

Looking for some matching widgets for your home screen and your current icons? You're in the right place:

Phoenix is the perfect companion for your home screen. It is a set of 100 WIDGETS for Zooper so it Requires Zooper Widget PRO installed to use.

How To Use It

-After having installed Zooper Widget Pro LATEST 2.50 Version in your device, add a Zooper widget of whatever size you want on your home screen long pressing on home screen or via app drawer

-When the Skins list pops up, choose Phoenix

-Select the skin you prefer among the ones included in the pack and remember that there are many alternatives for each skin, for example you can choose between EU/US time format etc...

-Probably the skin will not be right resized, that's because each device screen and each launcher grid is different, no panic, it's normal: USE THE SCALING PERCENTAGE at Zooper main page in order to perfectly fit your screen and your taste. You're also allowed to select single parts of the widget and make some changes

-In order to fully enjoy the app and use its potential, please Watch the video i provided in this page, you will understand each step i described before and much more.

-It is not necessary, but if for any reason fonts are not correctly displayed when you select the skin, please go into the dashboard and manually install them.

-If you have any question or doubt send me a mail or join the community:

-All widgets are supposed to be working in English, so please if you notice that there are mistakes with your own language, select "Force English" from Settings

*Enjoy the awesome National Widgets that are included as bonus in this collection

*There are also some Sense Clock and Weather inspired skins, Try them!

*Thanks to La_Cò, Mauro Cassani, Bill Miller and Andre Zimmermann for making some of the included skins and to Tim Austin for helping me with the dashboard



Download cracked APK of Phoenix for Zooper - Mega Pack ( com.djskarpia.zwskin.phoenix )


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