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OurGroceries automatically keeps your family’s grocery list in sync with the latest changes—on every family member’s phone or web browser.

“Our Groceries Shopping List is one of the very best grocery list apps for Android.” — Joy of Android
“It's simple to setup, free to use and it's integrated with Google Home as an Assistant app.” —CNET
“I can only say one thing about this app, it is awesome.” — Fishers Android App Reviews
“I love technology, but I also love simplicity. I've found the best of both in OurGroceries.” — The Kitch review
“After more than a year of using OurGroceries, we have been very satisfied.” — Anne vs. Home review
“So far OurGroceries is my app of choice.” — Android Mom review
“It really shines when dealing with multiple family members or roommates that are responsible for splitting up the grocery shopping.” — Talk Android review

Every change to your shared shopping list is visible in seconds. See items being checked off as your partner shops!

• Share your shopping lists with family members, even if they have an iPhone.
• Share your recipes too; add them to your shopping list with one tap.
• Add items using your Amazon Alexa device, such as the Echo.
• Convenient shopping with your Android Wear watch.
• Add photos to items (premium version only).
• Add items by scanning barcodes (premium version only).
• Ad-supported, but upgradable to turn off the ads.
• iPhone and web versions are also available.

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