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Description Cloud Drive is the industry's only solution of its kind, which is powerful enough for business use and and at the same time easy to use for everyone. Take advantage of automatic sync and online backup with Cloud Drive's built-in version control. Benefit from advanced file management options and utilize Cloud Drive for online collaboration or sharing movies and photos with family and friends.

.All your data in one place
Cloud Drive is the new and easy way to store, edit and share all kinds of data. Currently, your data might be scattered in different places, in computers and in your Android phone or tablet. With Cloud Drive you can bring all information together in one solution that gives you unlimited mobile mobile access.

.Share documents, movies and photos
Cloud Drive handles all types of files, for example documents, spreadsheets and presentations from Microsoft Office or pictures.

.Stream music and movies to your Android
Stream your music collection to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. You can also upload images directly from a phone or a tablet computer. Your data will then be instantly available to anyone you choose to share it with. Be the first to surprise your friends, family or colleagues with your holiday experiences in film and photos while they happen.

.Designed for Android phones and tablets's app is optimized to handle, store and share all types of media files, photos and movies on Android phones and tablets. The app has all the features you could want from a cloud-based service. Meanwhile, the app is easy to use and pleasing to the eye, whether you're using an Android phone or tablet.

.Replicated data centers
Data security is a top priority for All data in Cloud Drive is protected by's safety systems, which involve data replication with 2 data centers through redundant dark fiber and the market's most secure firewalls. There are always at least 2 copies of the same data on different physical locations. If there is a crash in the main server room, a backup server will take over the operation very shortly.

.Encrypt and password protect your data
Cloud Drive can be set to automatically encrypt your data and password-protect your files and folders. You decide who should have access. Any exchange of data between devices and Cloud Drive is secured via SSL connections. So you can confidently and safely use Cloud Drive for online backup in real time.



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