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Lead Your army to become the ultimate ruler of the night and nightmarezzzzz.

Nightmare Conquest is a brand new mobile game from Nightmare Developers.
Become a ruler of all the nightmares! Lead Your army to destroy all of the oponnents. Stop cutting fruits, stop throwing birds and become the ultimate master of the night and nightmarezzzzz.

How to play:
My Lord! My Lord! I'm Larry, your faithfull servant, and I will tell you everything you need to know about the game.
To command Your army You will have to press a specified command with 4 skull buttons in correct order. For example pressing Blue skull 4 times will tell Your nightmares to walk forward. To attack and have a lot of fun destroying enemies, you need to press Blue,Red,Red,Blue and so on, and so on. I will tell you more in the begining of the game, so please,please stop slaping zombies and come help us.

Game features:
-More than 30 levels
-Interesting gameplay
-Original unit control
-Creepy cute graphic
-Many bosses and challenges
-Unit upgrades
-.... and Larry, the faithfull servant!

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