Nexus Defense: Desert Storm

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This is the full version (paid version) of Tower Defense: Nexus Defense!

Portable tower defense war has arrived on your android device!

This full version offers the following features:

* Challenging campaign with 10 maps
* Survival mode with 10 maps
* Super High-Resolution graphics Mode: 1080x720 (Native, no upscaling!)
* No advertisement
* Maps offer even more gameplay: Multiple spawning points, more highground, etc.
* 2 free additional bonus maps next month for owners of the full version
* free updates in the future

Nexus Defense comes with the following features:

* Mobile Sci-Fi tower defense
* Very detailed high resolution graphics
* Fast hardware accelerated graphics engine
* Interactive terrain enhances gameplay experience
* Online highscore ranking
* Tower defense with open path
* Both high and low terrain
* 6 different upgradeable towers
* Graphics engine supports also old devices (Android 1.6 or higher required)
* Highly strategic gameplay (be creative)



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Version 1.3
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