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A handy tool to restart the signal in one tap!

When do you want Network Restarter?
☆ If your signal strength is very low even if you are closer to cell towers/network boosters
☆ If you internet is slower than it used to be at a location.
☆ Continuous signal fluctuation.
☆ To prevent high battery consumption due to fluctuating low signal.
☆ Low WiFi strength even if you are in range.

How do we work?
☆ Most of the above mentioned issues are mainly caused due to:
Signal handover failure.
Low strength signal locked over high strength signal.
These two issues have a common fix, which is to restart the signal. So we provide a very simple solution to restart the signal in one tap via home screen widget, or from inside app.

Note: Network signal speed boosters are fake, We don't boost the network signal. We restart it in a simple one tap mechanism.

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